Rayford Strange

Church on the Highway

Prov 19:17, “He that hath pity upon the poor LENDETH unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.”

I woke up early this morning with a great burden on my heart for the poor. I prayed for them as I remembered their awful plight. I recall their oppression, their discouragement, their forlorn feelings of being unwanted and unloved, often shunned and rejected on every hand. Jesus is very concerned for them.

I want to encourage everyone of my friends to have pity on them. I would encourage each of my friends to have mercy on the needy. There are those shut up in prison who are secretly crying for someone to care for them. Oh my heart aches today.

Hos 6:6, “For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.”

More than all of our exalted sacrifices which we esteem so highly, God would prefer that we would have mercy on the poor. Jesus identified himself with them…”as he have done it unto the least of these…ye have done it unto me.”

The poor, the needy, the prisoners are crying, “Why does no one care for me? Why am I so much unloved and unwanted?” Can you hear their silent cry? They often wonder, does no one really care? Is everyone so taken up with their own selves and how the world turns around them, the center of that world, that the prosperous and healthy cannot see or hear the cry of our suffering Jesus….”Please, someone help me. Please, please, I am poor. My clothes are in tatters, I am sick and I am held in prison while it seems that no one really loves me too much and acts as though they are so inconvenienced to help me or even to look in my direction.”

My heart was broken early this morning as I recalled Randy, a very poor man who had nothing. He had no family, no money, no place to sleep at night. He had no one to love him and was often abused and his goodness was abused and taken advantage of. He seemed to live to help others from which he received so much joy and gratification.
I loved Randy. Once he helped me but refused to be paid. I hid some money where he would find it and would not be able to return it to me. As much in need as he was, he refused to spend it but made sure that it got back to me through a third party.
I offered him a place to stay but he preferred living in Houston, sleeping where ever he could find a place…in someone’s home for a night or two…in a car or in a little camping tent on a vacant lot.

I told him that he was going to be my son and that I would name him Randy Strange. He tried to hide the obvious expression of happiness and said nothing.
More than anything, I wanted Randy to be saved. He would not hear of it but I made him take a bible and give me a promise that he would read it.

He became very sick. My Son took him to the hospital but went to check on him a couple of days later. He was dead. He died shortly he was checked into the hospital. He was in the last stages of cancer, a condition that he knew nothing about.

My heart bled as I thought about Randy. Where is he today? As I wept this morning, I prayed that Jesus, in his tender mercies would somehow see to him. I cannot stand to think that he is in that awful place. I know that God is a good and just God and pray that somehow mercies would be granted even though I have not one scrap of a promise from the Word of God that once anyone goes out into eternity, regardless how good, though rich or poor, having not called on the Lord in this life, that there is any hope for them out there. I prayed anyhow.

Today, my heart breaks for the millions of Randy Stranges. Poor, unwanted, unloved, rejected and often mistreated simply because they are poor. God loves them and is not pleased when they are mistreated.

Listen to this old heartbroken, hoary headed man, your friend. God wants you to find some poor man or woman and show your love…but not in word only, but do it indeed in a hearty, sincere fashion. Tell them of your love more than in just words but in your actions toward them. Then, see if the Lord will not reward you. Today, I am going to seek out the poor, seek out a prisoner. I am going to find some sick man or woman…some lost soul.

I’m taking not only personal money, of which I have very little, but some money from out of the Church account too. I am going to “…have pity upon the poor….” It is LENDING to the Lord. You can be sure that he pays his debts with interest. Will you do the same? I pray that you will.

By ministering to the poor, you are ministering to Jesus. Jesus said, “…as ye have done it unto the least of these….you have done it unto me.”


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