My Story of J.T. and Bessie Pugh

So it was that on March 23, 2010, Rev. J.T. Pugh left the cares of life for the splendor of heaven. Sister Bessie Pugh took care of all the funeral arrangements for her beloved husband. She picked out his casket, beautiful flowers and the assortment of niceties befitting the funeral of a king. She picked out the suit of clothes that she wanted him to wear. She picked out his tie and took care of everything.

After the body was taken to the church and placed in front of the pulpit awaiting the funeral ceremony, Sister Pugh was contented. She went home and sat down and leaned back in her recliner. She said to some loved ones present “Without him, I do not wish to live.”

With that said, she laid her head back to exhale her last breath. She went on to join her beloved Jesse in that beautiful land where they say we will never grow old, where there will be no more death, no more pain or sickness. There, there will be no more heartaches, disappointments or shadows to benight the heavenly skies. On the occasion of the funeral of J.T. Pugh, there were two caskets before the pulpit in the church. His beloved Bessie said to him many times, “Let’s go together.”

It was his and her funeral. That’s the way it had always been with those two. He was never contented to be away from her for very long, though the demands of his type of ministry often demanded it. She was not the same without him. It had always been that way.

So it was that J.T. Pugh was stopped on the glory side of the river and was told to wait there for a little while since there would be someone arriving very soon to join him, whom he would be happy to see. As he peered intently across the bright celestial river to see in a distance a beautiful lady having an angelic appearance approaching from the terrestrial side, he rejoiced to see that it was her, to whom he was married, for 65 wonderful years.

She had always told him, “Let’s go together.” As they joined hands on the other side, she smiled with the expression of an angel, “Thank you J.T., for waiting on me. I’m just not the same without you. Hand and hand, J.T. and his beloved Bessie turned to walk though fields of flowers that never fade. They sat down beside the Tree of Life and bathed their feet in the River of Life. One of them said, “More than anything, I want to see Jesus who gave his life to purchase this great place here for us. Together, they walked on streets of gold toward the center of that heavenly place to behold Him who is the light of that beautiful world.

So it was, two funerals on the same day. Two beautiful angelic beings now united together forever in the eternal home of the soul to be with Jesus forever and forever.

Oh dear friends, how beautiful is this life here loving and serving the Lord. How much more beautiful is life in our eternal celestial home of the soul to be with Jesus and his holy angels forever.

Oh! I want to see Him, look upon His face
There to sing forever of his saving grace
On the streets of glory, let me lift my voice
Cares all past, home at last, ever to rejoice

Don’t you want to go there? How can I help you make sure that you make a safe landing over on that bright shore?


By Rayford Strange


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